International Camper Exchange Programs (ICEP)

The International Camper Exchange Program (ICEP)

ICEP Germany:  Summer 2016

YMCA Camp Abbensen, Germany:  Since 1951, we have been fortunate to have a camper exchange program with the Hanover YMCA of Germany and Camp Abbensen.  On alternating years, 12-14 teens from Germany attend Camp Conrad Weiser and 12-14 teens fly to Germany to attend Camp Abbensen's International Camp.  This 4-week program is well-established and boasts 2 weeks of camp, 1 week of home-stay, and 1 week of travel.  While German language skills are encouraged, being fluent in the language is not necessary.  Campers from Germany, Spain, Russia and Camp Conrad Weiser participate in this program.   The Camp Abbesen's International Camp is conducted in English.

ICEP trips are chaperoned by 1 or 2 South Mountain YMCA staff and are designed for teens 13-15 years of age. Potential campers must apply and be interviewed before registering for the trip.  For more information on this program, please read our ICEP Germany Flyer.

Applications must be filed by March 15.


ICEP Russia:  Summer 2016

The YMCA of Russia invites you to take part in the International YMCA Camp "InterCom" or International Camp Program to be held from July 1-27.  The prgram will welcome teens from Russia, Germany, USA, Spain, England, Georgia and Armenia.  It will include a week of homestay, 2 weeks of Camp, and 1 week of travel.  The week of travel will include time in Moscow, Yaroslavl and St. Petersburg.

This ICEP trip will be chaperoned by 1 or 2 South Mountain YMCA staff and is designed for teens 15-17.  In addition to our delegation, we will be accompanied by staff and campers from the YMCA of the Rockies.  For more information on this program, please read our ICEP Russia Flyer.

Applications must be filed by March 15.

The YMCA of Spain: Summer 2017 

This program is open to all campers ages 12-16.  This amazing three week experience will begin with two weeks in the YMCA of Spain's summer camp in Priego and will end with one full week touring the castles and countryside near Madrid, Spain.  Please contact the Camp Conrad Weiser Director, Cory Evans, for more information 610-670-2267. 

Traveling to the United States to attend Camp Conrad Weiser

This English-immersion experience on attending YMCA Camp Conrad Weiser is second to none in the U.S.  In addition to its excellent programs and facilities, the South Mountain YMCA Camps are centrally located on the east coast of the United States allowing for ready access to New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C.  For participants attending camp as part of a program led by our overseas partners, excursions to these exciting locations have already been arranged.  For campers attending our programs independently, such trips can be arranged if desired.

Contact 610-670-2267 or by using the Contact button found in the top, right corner of this page.

We'll see you at Camp!