Alumni Association

The Alumni Association, led by immediate past-president of the board, Adrian Grieve, is made up of a dedicated group of past staff and campers who wish to give back to the camps and programs that have meant so much in their lives.  The Alumni Association provides members opportunities to:

  • Communicate with other alumni through sponsored events
  • Contribute to the Arrowhead and other South Mountain YMCA Camps publications
  • Volunteer through board service, sub-committee work, or program support
  • Support the Camps through fundraising efforts
  • Become a "Keep the Fires Burning" Association Member

Any person who has participated in the programs offered by the South Mountain YMCA Camps is eligible for membership.  There are no fees required for membership.  The primary goal of the Alumni Association is to maintain a network of interested and active alumni who would enjoy remaining vital members of the camp community.

The Alumni Association will meet and hold events quarterly.  If you wish to be part of the planning process for these events, please not that in the Comment box on the alumni registration form.

We hope you will continue to support the South Mountain YMCA Camps and its programs.  Providing positive references for other who are considering sending young people to our camps is a great first step.

Want to stay more involved?

Click here for our volunteer opportunities.

Click here to see historic photos from Camp Conrad Weiser and Bynden Wood Day Camp. 

Keep the Fires Burning!

We'll see you at Camp.